Jesus Is Come


Jesus is come.

I saw her even before the season began

In the folksy yellow blossoms of a tulip gift.


Jesus is come.

I opened Skype one morning and there she was—

Struggling with grad school overload, hanging in.


Jesus is come.

He grinned at me, needing front teeth for Christmas:

The rest tarred and tangled. But how he grinned!


Jesus sang “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” with gusto if not with pitch,

And moments later swayed and gentled to “Silent Night.”


His child’s expectancy belied the violence that landed him in shelter;

Her shy teen smiled reached me behind locked gates.


Jesus sparked from yards seen from outer space

And pulled me close to feel His heart when the nightmares came.


I buttered her toast as she headed off to the work of need;

She paints magic to recoup.


Like me, Jesus has to eat, find shelter, balance work and refreshment.


I expect Jesus’ coming,

I open eyes wide,

strain ears for the sound of a distant motor,

sniff for change in the air.


I wait.

I am met.



I’m not ready.

My house is a wreck.

I’m way too tired.

My relationships—muddled.


But Jesus is come

On the insistent dawn of this Christmas morn.


And I sit in mismatched jammies

Eyes wide, ears straining,

aching to touch the deep magic.


Jesus is come.


Here I am…


Easter Sunday

When God Walks Away: A Dark Night Companion

When God Walks Away: A Dark Night Companion

Faith’s adventure can lead us into the deepest caverns of despair—into holes so deep and black we cannot even sense Jesus’ presence, into places so lost and dark we can find no way out. And that is when we stand quite still and say, “Here am I,” knowing that Jesus’ promise, “I am with you always” is not swayed by our perceptions. Then we begin to see a step on the path ahead—just one step, then another. And when we, at last, step once again, blinking into full sunlight, we are blinded by the sheer joy of it all. Never before were trees this green with spring sparkle! Never did the wind so fill our lungs with life! Never were we so eager to walk out into the vibrancy of it all! Easter has found us!

In the Night I felt I’d come to a standstill, but, in truth, God was moving me with more surety than my feeble steps could ever muster. God’s tunnel, God’s sidewalk, cannot fail. If we but hang on, God will take us through the Night straight into God’s heart. All we need do is climb aboard, plant our feet, and wait out the ride.


When God Walks Away excerpt

Good Friday

When God Walks Away: A Dark Night Companion

When God Walks Away: A Dark Night Companion

Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases….—Isaiah 53:4

Amid the dead, dry jeers of the crowd and the hollow clank of Roman armor, we arrive.

Not this hill, Lord. Not this scene.

If I must look, I want to gaze up at Him from below as one of the crowd. Given the choice, I will join those shout “Crucify him!” only let me distance myself from His suffering. But God lifts me up until I hang eye to eye with Him—myself a thief suspended on a neighboring cross.

My Lord’s chest shudders with the agony of breath; a sluggish breeze stirs a tangle of hair not yet matted to His brow. Fresh rivulets of red pour from new wounds in His wrists. I smell the stench of cheap wine and the salt odor of dying sweat.

O God, I cannot bear it—how can I endure the sight of Your suffering?

“Do you love me?” Jesus’ eyes implore.

“Jesus, you know I love You.”

“Then stay.”

Is this, then, the price of love? I know instantly that it is.


When God Walks Away excerpt


7 Deadlies

7 Deadlies - Envy (small)

7 Deadlies – Envy


The 7 Deadly Sins have a long and serious theological history; I decided, with these “Deadly Designs,” to apply a dose of good humor to each menace. Why? Because nothing (including our own fearful faults) seems so bad once we can chuckle at it. Humor raises awareness, broadens perspectives, and disarms even the most frightening baddies.