About the Artist

DCFC0083.JPG Hi! I’m the Founder & Executive Director of A Spacious Place, Inc. A Spacious Place provides spirituality and creativity classes, clubs, camps, and centers to marginalized and under-served populations. I love inviting people to create!

I earned a doctorate in Christian Nurture from Austin Presbyterian Seminary, a master’s degree in religious education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a master’s in pastoral ministry from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest, and a bachelor’s in religious education from Centenary College (Methodist). So I guess I’m either highly ecumenical or highly confused!

My written art includes When God Walks Away, a nonfiction book on the dark night of the soul; the Clown books, a fiction series based on Jesus’ parables; curriculum for preschool through adults; and poetry. My visual art includes rice-paper collage, glass painting, and graphic design.

I also provide editing services. Email me at WordAsArt@austin.rr.com for more editing info.

Follow the Clown: First book in the Clown Series

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