Votes & Hopes


Voting as a spiritual practice? Well…yes! A spiritual practice is an act intended to strengthen our relationship with God. If our vote expresses our lived faith, then yes. It’s a spiritual practice.

This year our faith vote is crucial. Before we enter the voting booth, let’s consider the purpose of a vote and how our vote reflects our values.

  • A vote is an act of hope: Jesus taught us to pray: “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Our vote can help answer our own prayer; we can move our world—the world we leave to our children and grandchildren—Godward. We help create the world of God’s best hopes.
  • A vote is an act of awareness: We vote open-eyed: aware of the hard realities of greed, abuse, and hatred; aware also of more prevalent acts of generosity, inclusiveness, creativity, and love.
  • A vote is an act of global connection: Today’s connected world makes isolationism obsolete. A strong vote creates positive connections between ourselves and others in the world community.
  • A vote is an informed act: From a diversity of sources, we learn what we can about issues and candidates so our vote is thoughtful, reasoned, and hopeful.
  • A vote is an act of faith: Fear is a powerful, sometimes needed, force. But a spiritual-practice vote is one of faith, not fear. Of inclusion, not exclusion.

We cast a vote: what a strong verb! While we may simply pushing buttons to register our vote, the impact is both phenomenal and enduring. So let’s go out there and rock our faith vote.