Imago Dei


Local saloon marquee: “Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.”

Across the years I’ve wrestled with the need for individuation and the theological concept of imago dei (meaning that we are created in God’s image). Am I, then, to be a carbon copy of God? Do I seek to parrot God’s words? Instant replay God’s actions?

I think there’s more to it than that. If God intended Mini Me’s instead of unique individuals, why create daily such an array of personalities? Such a diversity of spiritual gifts? Perhaps imago dei means that, in all I do, I remember the God blood running in my veins, the divine DNA etched into each cell. And that I recognize that familial connection in every person I meet. And that we seek, each his/her own way, to live out our family values. That’s a pretty tall order for one life!

This month you can, I can, practice being yourself, myself. We can:

  • draw our own conclusions about everything from theology to politics;
  • create something to express our sense of truth and/or beauty;
  • adorn our outsides (garments, facial hair, jewelry, body art, head and foot gear, etc.) to express what’s inside.

If I don’t live out who I am, if you don’t live out who you are—then who else will? Everybody else is taken.


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