Pretty Woman

061       062

Clad in a green windbreaker and white gimme cap, an octogenarian holds the door at the neighborhood McDonalds for his frail wife. She moves slowly, one foot carefully placed, then another. She is feeling the years. I stand behind, waiting, then make my exit, giving the couple room to maneuver.

As I walk past, I hear him tell her, “You were the prettiest woman in there.” Her responding laughter rings with joy. And hope.

Strolling to my car, I wished everyone had one someone to see them that way. That the deserving dad is believed by his kids to be the “Best Dad Ever.” Same for moms. That spouses and partners and friends and children know someone who sees them as the Mona Lisa, to quote Cole Porter. And I see no discrepancy here. Mr. Gimme Cap can believe his wife’s the prettiest woman in the room and the guy at the booth across the way can think the same thing about his girl. And she about him (unless he’d rather be the handsomest!).

I didn’t have any pictures of the Mona Lisa, so I chose these of my husband and me in our gym-toned bodies. He looks pretty good, huh?

Wishing you, each of you, someone who sees your uniqueness and who loves you for it.


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