Small Justices

Small Justices

I’ll be honest: I prefer to write, let the piece sit a few months, read it with new eyes, edit, edit, edit… Thus, I lean toward novel writing rather than toward journalism—or toward blogging. Yet my deeper yearning— to connect with readers—won’t turn me loose.

So here goes. Each Tuesday (unless I am struck down by a crippling bout of stomach flu) I’ll post a piece in what I’m calling the “Small Justices” series: my effort to identify and offer alternatives to daily, unrecognized injustice.

Why “Small?” Because even small acts of injustice callous our souls, whereas small acts of justice muscle them. Also, “Small” is gentle sarcasm, because there is no small. It all matters. It does.

Why “Justices” when injustice is what rankles me? Because I’m (and I suspect you are, too) more apt to move away from something destructive when I have something constructive to move toward.

Next Tuesday , Sept. 9, I start with a piece titled “Evaluations: Needed or Just Needling?” Hope to meet you back here then!


In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. ~Albert Einstein


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