Here Am I–Wired

“Here am I”: it’s a commitment of attentiveness and compliance expressed by psalmists, prophets,  Mary, and Jesus.

Ash Wednesday—today—begins the Lenten season, challenging us to risk “Here I am” ourselves.  Some say “Here am I” by discarding practices that get between them and their availability to God. Others say “Here am I” by adopting practices that  foster that connection.

We live out our Lenten commitments in a wired world. So I’m thinking of ways that wiredness might contribute to our “Here I Am-ness.” Some ideas:

1. Real-Time Prayers: Check the Internet world news, then offer informed intercessory prayers for persons across the globe;

2. YouTube It: Access music, stories, and talk shows from around the world. Learn about other cultures and discover how our culture is perceived by others. In celebrating diversity, in fearlessly examining our preconceptions, we expand our souls;

3. Reflect & Text: Offer a friend encouragement by texting a hopeful quote, a humorous photo, or a funny emoji; and

4. Art & More Art: Thanks to the Internet, we can view the Sistine Chapel, listen to Mozart, sit front row center at a Shakespeare play. Whatever feeds our souls nourishes our relationship with God. Enjoy!

How might you live into wired “Here I Am-ness” during Lent—and thereafter? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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