Gotta Love Pirates!

Rock Star Pirate (negative)

Who doesn’t love pirates? Well, anyone whose ship they’ve boarded, I suppose, but most of us get to admire them from some distance, delighting in their splashy (pun intended) wardrobes, their “take-charge” attitudes, and their unique approach to the English language.

In my book, Pirate = Powerful Attitude, and we can all use a bit of that. So I’m creating Skull & Crossbones for various vocations. That way, everyone can haul on some Pirate-tude for “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” on Sept. 19. Thus far I have Arrrtist, Farrrmer, Surrrgeon, Rock Starrrr (pictured), Marrriachi, Bakerrrr, & Barrrber.

So shiver me timbers, how I’d love to include your vocation, whether it contains any rrrrs or not! Send along your ideas, me Hearties, and I’ll put me noggin & pen to work. Savvy?

Click here to view the other Skull & Crossbones.


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